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>>> Wednesday, September 11, 2002 ---

don't cancel Farscape!SAVE Farscape!

Dear Powers That Be: (who say they are cancelling Farscape)

This is an open letter to the Executive decision makers at Sci-Fi,

As a fan from the first season, I hope you will reconsider your decision to
discontinue Farscape after the remaining episodes of Season Four. This show
is too good to let go, it's the only show I watch with regularity - I simply
don't miss Farscape. I've never been so interested in a series.

Fans are writing letters, sending faxes and signing petitions in an effort
to show support and perhaps change your minds. The Sci-Fi forum is apparently
closed to new threads, which has driven fans away to seek other places to discuss
this turn of events, seems like a strange way to run a web site. Last night
I even ventured into /#Farscape chat, which I never have been a chatter - to
catch the last of David Kemper's comments.

Don't cancel Farscape. It is an intelligently written, well acted story - a
story we'd like to see the natural end of - that deserves a better end than
a slapped together couple of hours. Tend this growing story, tend to the fans,
I doubt you'd be sorry.

LisaB - Erpbabe @farscaped

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